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The Drum Heads

Dec 30, 2015

Bonus Episode. I talk about Star Wars The Force Awakens. Spoiler Alert! I talk about the whole the movie including the ending. I also talk about how Star Wars affected kid, my dislike of sports, family, kids, & work stress. 

Nov 29, 2015

A quick episode about how podcasting saved my life. #ThanksPodcasting

Nov 8, 2015

Episode 35: Big Fat Snare Drum Kris Mazzarisi This was a wonderful episode & I learned a ton from Kris. We talked about how BFSD came about, drums, podcasts, comedy and the future of BFSD. Check it out!

Nov 8, 2015

Episode 34: Happy Birthday aka Hrona Polla to the podcast! Bonus Episode

Oct 9, 2015

Episode 31: The Drumstick Episode. I talk about all the different kind of drumsticks with the help of all my Instagram followers.